Ferrywell Youth Project


Rev Daniel Robertson, Minister of Davidson’s Mains Parish Church, writes….

FYP was birthed out of Scripture Union and has had a presence in Muirhouse, Pilton and Drylaw for close to 20 years.

Young people’s lives have been and are being transformed by the love of Jesus.

FYP are a valued part of the community…“The one thing that I ask of our staff in our school is that they love our young people, that they give them love, that they show them love, that they love them when it is hard sometimes to love them, when they need it most, in their darkest days. If the school is based on love, then everything will follow from that. Ferrywell Youth Project is at the heart of making that happen. The Ferrywell staff are incredible people and they help make the lives of our young people the best that they can be. They are patient, kind and they value our young people. I thank them so much for their support for our current and former pupils.

Shelley McLaren, Head Teacher of Craigroyston Community High School

As well as working with Craigroyston High and Primary and Pirniehall Primary, FYP support our young people through mentoring and 1to1s, group work and residentials.

FYP runs SU groups and DIME. DIME (Discipleship in Muirhouse Estate) has been running since 2001. Before lockdown 50+ S1-S6s attended the Thursday meetings.

We are looking for more people to encourage our young folk in person, particularly at DIME when it is up and running again. Students are great to have as volunteers but anyone who loves Jesus and young folk and can come alongside our young folk is what we are after. You may know of particular people who have expressed an interest in serving in this way. If so, please could you forward this email on to them? You may like to flag this work up to the whole church as an encouragement and to ask you people to pray. We would appreciate that and your prayers very much.

I’ve attached a PowerPoint slide and poster if that’s of help flagging it up to your folk? Maybe you could put the FYP website link on your Facebook page www.ferrywell.org.uk and post the attached flier/jpeg? John Gillan (the project leaders) is very happy to chat to anyone who is interested. He or Naomi would also be very happy to show you around the new premises and share the story and vision. God is at work!

The aim of the Ferrywell Youth Project is that through a project rooted in Christian faith and values, young people in the Pilton, Muirhouse and Drylaw area of Edinburgh will be valued and supported to live their lives characterised by positive, healthy and responsible choices and have a significant impact on the community – including active engagement with local churches and other agencies.

John’s email address is john.gillan@Ferrywell.org.uk

I know that many of you and your people have been and are involved with FYP.

Thank you so much for your on-going encouragement, support and prayer.

Please keep the prayers going. 

Many thanks

God bless