Follow Blackhall St Columba’s Parish Church Knit-ivity Trail


Blackhall St Columba’s Church writes:

“We hope this Advent finds you well and coping with the restrictions that have been imposed upon us by COVID-19. No matter what restrictions are placed upon us we can be sure that, because Christmas is a message, it cannot be cancelled. The message of Christmas is one of hope, joy, love and peace. It is a message that light came out of the darkness and God revealed himself to us in the form of a baby, Christ Jesus.

Knit-ivity Trail

This year, why not take our Knit-ivity trail to discover the original story and find knitted versions of the main aspects and characters of ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told?’

Our trail begins at the Craigleith Retail Park where you can park for free and winds a short route around the Blackhall area finishing up back at the retail park. The walk is less than 2 miles long and, along your way, there are opportunities to stop at local cafés or even a play-park. There are 6 stations and at each you will find something relating to the Nativity Story, knitted by the  Blackhall St Columba’s ‘Knit & Natter’ Group. Alongside will be the relevant part of the story to read.

1. The Angels
– Can be found at Boots the Chemists, Craigleith Retail Park

2. The Donkey
– Can be found at K.D. Wallace Eyecare, 238 Queensferry Road

3. The Shepherds
– Can be found at Have It Framed, 18 Hillhouse Road

4. The Wise Men
– Can be found at Campbell Young Hair Design, 4 Strachan Road

5. The Star
-Can be found at Preston Hair, 55 Craigcrook Road

6. Mary, Joseph & the Baby Jesus
– Can be found at Blackhall St Columba’s Church, Columba Road (through the glass
doors on Queensferry Rd)