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Free cash? Yes please!


easyfundraising wallRaise Funds For Free!

Thanks to everyone who used EasyFundraising to raise a bit of cash for the church over Christmas.

We raised the sum of £17 – but as my Granny used to say “monie a mickle maks a muckle”. Lots of wee things make a big thing! So keep going and spread the word.

Did you know you don’t have to spend anything to start raising money for Granton, Church of Scotland? Some retailers will make FREE donations if you register with their website, sign up to their mailing list or participate in a free trial.

You can raise funds for Granton, Church of Scotland without spending anything! Simply visit and click on the Free Donations page for more details.

You can raise over £200 without spending anything – visit our Easyfundraising page and click on the FREE Donations page for more details.