Granton Goes Greener – more openings, other projects and sewing help

clothes swap

Swap Shop new opening day

Having the Swap Shop open on days during the week (Wednesday: 3-4:30PM, Thursday: 4:30-6PM and Friday: 12-1PM) we will now be opening on every first Sunday of the month, just after the church service.

We are hoping to make a stronger bond between the church and community and may have some swap shop users attending coffee at the church or even Sunday service.

Help us to spread a word. We will be starting on the first Sunday of August-04/08 and then every first Sunday of the month between 11:30-1PM.

Supporting other projects

We are working with 2 different projects introduced by Swap Shop volunteers;


Project supplying underwear to women and young girls in need in Kenya and Tanzania. Women wearing underwear are less likely to be raped and abused in Africa. You can donate any new pants (preferably black ones in size 10-12, but other sizes and colours welcome as well) and used bras in good condition to the Swap Shop. Chas and Gillian have already dropped huge bag of underwear at Smalls for All warehouse, but we are hoping to do another drop off soon.


Our volunteer Margaret has been collecting items for boxes for many years. Any small toys, bars of soap, toothbrushes, winter hats, combs etc. can be donated for shoe boxes. Each year shoe boxes are sent to a different part of the world to help families in need.

Help with sewing

Swap Shop is looking for some volunteers with sewing skills. We are trying to encourage people to use less plastic and make some string bags from old clothes/ fabric scraps that could be used for donated bread and loose fruits/ vegetables. If you have few spare hours and know how to sew, talk to Anna/ Chas or email Anna at

When is a Swap Shop not a swap shop?

We are looking for a new name for the Swap Shop – one that doesn’t suggest that you need to bring something in to swap, or to take clothes away if you bring some.

What will it be??

We’re asking the congregation and Granton Goes Greener volunteers and visitors to come up with suggestions for a new name.

If you have any bright – or wacky – ideas, have word with Anna, email or leave a comment below.