JOB DESCRIPTION for Irene’s Successor (based on what Chas has been doing)
    • Administer annual renewals for regular non-church users
    • Ensure church diary is kept up to date (either in person or by passing details to Communications Convener)
    • Administer incidental (one-off) bookings
    • Receive enquiries
    • Arrange viewing of halls if required
    • Arrange for halls to be opened up and locked up after events
    • arrange for contractors to gain entry to the buildings when needed
    • maintain the key register
    • track who has the spare sets of keys (x2)
    • raise monthly invoices for some hirers
    • maintain records of invoices paid
    • pass details of expected payment to Finance Convener
    • ensure halls and rooms are kept tidy and fit for use, including contacting users
    • liaise with users when halls are out of use for any reason.
    • ensure supply of sign-in sheets and print more when needed
    • weekly print out church diary and display on clipboard by West Hall door
    • monitor and file sign-in sheets, passing on any damage or malfunction reports to Property Convener

CURRENT (from 1/1/2019)
Standard rate £15/hour
Commercial rate £20

Calculation of heating costs

Most payments are made by informal process with cash or cheques being passed to the Treasurer (i.e. no requirement for invoicing)

There are occassional requests for invoicing and these can be raised using Wave-Apps at – (currently GGG, Dads Rock, Granton Gardeners, Bows and Bridges)

Church bookings are in PURPLE
West Hall Bookings are in GREEN
East Hall bookings are in BLUE
Session Room bookings are in GREY
Kitchen bookings are in TURQUISE