Have a ‘good Christmas’

merry christmas
Norman-Headshot Christmas message from Norman Smith, Minister at Granton

Welcome………………….from everyone in Granton Parish Church we hope you are having a good Christmas.

05-DSC_0059We use that phrase a lot but what does having a good Christmas actually mean?

If we did a survey of 100 people you would get some very different answers. Everything from getting everything done in good time to having the family round to being left alone. There is actually no one way of having a good Christmas.

From the perspective of the Christian faith what might be considered a good Christmas? Going to all the services on offer at your local church? We’d love to see you, but that’s not the answer.

Giving to the needy? A worthwhile thing to do but not that either.

A good Christmas for Christians is one where God is part of it. When you think about it, the whole thing is there because of God in the first place. If you like, it’s all God’s fault!

This is a time of year where we celebrate God doing something really amazing. He came into this world in the guise of a small baby called Jesus. Why? Because he recognised that the world needed help which it could not get on its own. So he stepped in.

Jesus gave us some good teaching that has changed our world for the better. Many countries legal systems can trace their origins back to Christian teaching about the innate value of each of us.

Yes, God considers you important!

christmas-jesus-reasonJesus gave us more than that though because if you really get behind the meaning of Christmas you will find God did this to save this world and give it hope. As I look out at the world today with all that’s happening I am relieved that this is the kind of God we have.

Don’t you think it’s good to give God a place in our Christmas? If you do, you will find it becomes a deeper and richer time of year.

So on behalf of everyone in Granton Parish Church we hope you have a good Christmas.

Norman Smith