Heart & Soul 2014


Time to put the date in your diary! Sunday, 18 May 2014…

… is the day for the Church of  Scotland ‘s ‘Heart and Soul’ event, once again taking place in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh.

This year the theme is “Hands across the world” which aims to celebrate the life of the Church through the lens of its international heritage, relationships and partners and this will, we hope,  generate activities, performances and worship for our programme. Come and tell us about how your congregation contributes to the life of the Church across the world.

Or come and learn about what you could be doing!

Congregations which have participated in the last three events have thoroughly enjoyed the chance to engage with the several thousand people who come to Princes Street Gardens.

However, last year some contacted us after all the spaces were taken and were disappointed not be able to take part. Register your congregation for this year’s event at:


Plans are also in hand for a lively avenue of exhibitors with information and resources focussed on helping congregations in their local and international situations and of course, we will gather for closing worship, which has involved more than 2000 people praising God in the open air.

Lots more detail to come in the next few months.

For now, why not put Heart and Soul 2014 on the agenda for your next Kirk Session? Invite members of the congregation to take part, to visit the Gardens and share in an exciting and inspiring afternoon.


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