Humbug! Oh, Really?


There was the birth of a baby, predicted for centuries.
An angel gave him his special name.
He was God incarnate.

Really?! Why on earth would you believe it? 

A thought for Christmas from “Grasping The Nettle”

Why we believe what we believe should be a question of great interest to all believers.  Does anyone really want to substitute a fiction for truth?  Does God even exist – never mind the Christmas story – and is there evidence to support any of it? 

That central question is at the heart of the interdenominational Grasping the Nettle movement in Scotland.  Many who reject God’s existence do so in the belief that science has made him redundant and with that comes a supposition that the Christmas story itself is therefore wishful thinking and make-believe.

But what if the evidence from science points in a different direction?

What if the more we discover about the wonders of our existence the more the handiwork of the creator becomes apparent?

What if the creator really wants to make himself known within his creation?

What if he did so by himself becoming a human being?

What if the Christmas story really is true?

Across the country congregations are exploring the answers to the big questions.  Finding out where science really points in relation to the existence of a creator can provide the basis for a really good Christmas.


“Grasping the Nettle” is a movement formed by church leaders in Scotland to promote dialogue within the church and society at large about belief in God, especially in relation to science. For more details about Grasping the Nettle, see