Invite a friend to church and top up the Invitation Jar


The Outreach Group have agreed that the Church Congregation need to be more “invitational” and we encourage all members to actively invite other friends and family to join our services. We fully appreciate that the invite may not always be taken up so don’t apply any pressure.

Additionally, we would like to measure how many invites we as a Congregation give out. For every person that you invite to join us, please place a marble in the jar, even if they decide not to take up the invite. Our initial target is for 100 invites to be offered before the end of March.

If you would like to understand more about the Outreach Focus Group, please speak to Anne Macintosh or Norman.

Many thanks

Outreach Group

PS If anyone has any spare marbles they don’t need we could use them in anticipation of needing them to fill the jar.