July Life and Work


The Immigrant Ministers
Five Kirk ministers who were born outside Scotland tell their stories, and give their perspectives on the issues facing the Church they now serve.

General Assembly
Eleven pages of reports and pictures from the General Assembly, fringe and Heart and Soul.

The Master Storyteller
It is 75 years since the death of John Buchan, and 100 years since the publication of his most famous work, The Thirty Nine Steps. Ian Bradley reflects on the religious influences and legacy of this son of the manse.

A Love Affair With Scripture
The Rev Dr Martin Fair examines the book of James, one of his favourite parts of the Bible.

A ‘Double Descent’
Malcolm Ramsay, Church of Scotland mission partner in Nepal, offers a first-hand account of the earthquakes which have devastated ‘the roof of the world’.

From Passion to Compassion
The Very Rev Dr James Simpson looks at some of the challenges and joys of ageing.

The Unstoppable March of Technology
The advent of ‘selfie drones’ gets Ron Ferguson’s hackles up.

The Laigh Kirk of Lanark
John R Hume examines the long history of a church in Lanarkshire.

A Month in a Life
The Rev David Coulter, Church of Scotland minister and Chaplain General to Her Majesty’s Land Forces, describes his month.

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