June Life and Work


Challenge and Change

Iain Douglas, Chair of the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland, highlights some of the key issues facing the Church over buildings and ministry.


Transforming Communities

Jackie Macadam looks at the role of volunteers both inside and outside the Church.


From Selma to Montgomery

The Rev Dr Iain Whyte walks again in the footsteps of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


The Poet Laureate Elder

Jackie Macadam speaks to Glasgow’s Poet Laureate – Church Elder Jim Carruth.


The Napoleonic Legacy

Jackie Macadam charts the 200-year-old relationship between the Church of Scotland and the Royal Caledonian Educational Trust.


The Shoeshank Redemption

A new anti-sectarianism resource from a Church of Scotland minister and a Roman Catholic priest, produced behind bars in Greenock.


An Undiscovered Heritage

Kirkpatrick and Rachel Dobie reflect on the ten-year audit of silverware in the Church of Scotland.


‘The Spirit of God’

The Very Rev John Chalmers describes an emotive personal visit to the Royal Marine Training Centre.


The First Step

Professor Matthew MacIver reflects on a change in Church attitudes to Gaelic.


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