Keeping the Faith

2020-05-29 09.02.55

How many of us still give salutations when writing a letter, an email?


When we communicate with someone, we now usually start with a quick address to the person, and then move to the main part. Sometimes, it is very important to lay out what is to follow in the rest of the letter. We, at Granton, are getting ready to start a new journey, as we transition for solely online worship to a mixture of online and in person worship. So, what groundwork are we laying as we start this new journey?


What are we committing to as the church? Paul gives us some places to look at in terms of our identity.

Paul first begins by naming his commitment to Christ as a servant. The first way he introduces himself is in terms of his relationship to Christ. When we look as how we identify ourselves as followers of Christ, and as the church, what is the first way we identity ourselves?


We are each called to serve Christ, and to be his hands and feet in the world.


Paul then names his commitment to the gospel as an apostle. This gospel is grounded in the grace he has experienced and known in his life, which he has received from Jesus. Where do you ground your life as a follower of Jesus?


Lastly, Paul names his commitment to all those who belong to Jesus Christ. For Paul, all people are part of the family of Christ. There is no one who falls outside of received the love and grace of God.

So, as the church, and as we start this new season, let us declare what it is we ground ourselves and our beliefs in. Let us boldly claim our identity as Christians, and share the good news and grace of God with all people.


Where do you ground your life and faith as a Christian?