Ladies Fellowship


Pat MacDonald looks back at an enjoyable session.

The winter session of the ladies fellowship finishes on 31st March.

Following a short break, our summer coffee evenings start at 7pm in the West Hall on alternate Tuesdays from 14th April ’til 18th August.

During the winter session we have had some most enjoyable talks.

pennyjarOur “Penny Jars” have raised £40 for homeless sleep over nights; £20 to teenage cancer trust; £15 to Pilton homeless battered wives and Children;

We also gave £50 from our “In-Gathering” to water wells. I thank everyone for their generosity.

AS always a warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to join us.

We now approach the most special time in the Christian calender so on behalf of the Fellowship may I wish every one an Easter filled with many blessings.