Lent Eco-Challenge #3: The Travel Challenge


As part of your carbon fast for Lent, think about how you get around and try to take 3 less car journeys per week than you normally would.  This can easily be achieved by thinking ahead and planning your routes.

Why not car share to church?  If you’ve got an empty seat in your car then why not fill it with a friendly face and share your journey with someone going in the same direction as you?  There are 10 million empty seats on our roads every day, and you could save over a tonne of CO2 each year by filling one of them.

Around half of the car journeys in the UK are less than 5 miles. These short car journeys are not very fuel efficient – cold engines use almost twice as much fuel as warmed up engines, and these distances can easily be covered with a bike. If you have a bike sitting in the garage, dust it off and get pedalling.

Don’t forget public transport either, take the bus into town instead of the car.  Taking the bus for a journey can help you achieve half of your daily exercise recommended by the Government, through the short walk you take at either end. Plus, bus travel can be a third less stressful than driving, not having to worry about other crazy drivers…

Eco Congregation Annual Gathering in Glasgow

If you’re not involved in the Daffodil Tea on 22nd April you may wish to pop through to Glasgow for the Eco-Congregation Scotland Annual Gathering 2017 Speak to Catriona to co-ordinate travel arrangements.


For more information about our Eco-Congregation or about any of our Eco-Challenges, speak to Catriona Jeorrett or email catriona@granton.org.uk