Lent message from Norman


lentHere in Granton we encourage people to observe Lent as a time of personal reflection and a season of discernment. We believe Lent offers an opportunity to do more than just give up chocolates or biscuits. It is a season of the Christian year that helps us take stock of where we are spiritually and perhaps discover what God is asking of us.

We encourage people to commit to 40 days of prayer and bible reading. Asking God what is his will for us. Having an element of self-sacrifice through giving up something that is more than an inconvenience is a good things because it is a discipline that should help us focus on God for the 40 days. Accompanying that we also encourage 40 days of generosity where the days are not solely focused on us.

For us we believe Lent should be characterised by 40 days of:

· Prayer

· Bible reading

· Self-sacrifice

· Generosity

· Discernment

It is our prayer and heartfelt wish you would be blessed at this time.


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