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Take time to visit the Prayer Garden

Prayer garden post

Through Lent we have had the church grounds set up as a prayer garden where people can take some time to contemplate life, the universe and everything with a particular focus on our relationship to God.

From the feedback received which has been overwhelmingly positive it has been decided to keep this going after Easter. The grounds will remain open and there will be a periodic refreshing of the inspirational texts for people to engage with. We are not telling you when this happens, you will need to go along and see for yourself! If you have any ideas how this might be developed, please let us know.

You will find the Boswall Parkway gate unlocked with inspirational messages on the trees along with a wooden cross in the grounds where you are encouraged to go and pray. As you go for your daily walk, why not pop into the garden to encourage yourself?

Please observe social distancing as you make use of the Prayer Garden.

Read the words on the trees

Think about what they mean to you

Tie a ribbon on the Cross

Bring your worries to God in prayer








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