Thought for The Day – Wednesday 23rd March


The Parable of the Owner of a House

Jesus said to them, ‘Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of the storeroom new treasures as well as old.’

Matthew 13:52

Chapter 13 includes seven parables which Jesus used to teach about the Kingdom of Heaven.  Today’s verse is a summary.  It is meant as an encouragement to us, whether we are church leaders or continuing learners.  Discovery is characteristic of the Kingdom.  New treasurers will constantly be added to the collection.  The Kingdom is more than an ‘other worldly place’; it also exists on earth.  As we work our way through the joys, challenges, even sorrows of life we work with these Godly treasures: some are old (like traditions and laws), others are new (like sermons and church council decisions).  As Jesus spoke he knew that there would be turmoil as his teachers forged a new way of being God’s community in creation.  So he reminded us of the treasures that are available to us.

Those treasures in God’s storeroom are many.  From my experience, perhaps the most precious is hope.  The stories of God’s people and the words of promise written by God’s poets are our old treasures that let us trust in the signs of hope that are our new treasures so that we might persevere into a new kind of community.  Over the past two years we have been whammied with so much disease, death, protest, war, economic chaos and church disruption that I think we can probably finally say that nothing will be the same again.  But maybe it doesn’t need to be.  Maybe the strengths we have discovered in these multiple crises will be the strengths we need to forge a new way of living out the Kingdom of Heaven in our time.  Always in God’s world, in God’s mission, in God’s community there will be hope.
Prayer: Loving God, in these times of turmoil, uncertainty and conflict may we hold tight to your treasure of hope.  As we walk into new realities in the church and in life remind us of the treasures, both old and new, that you hold for us and offer to us.  Amen

Action: In the midst of change look for something positive, however tiny.  Let it be a treasure of hope, a lifeline to a Spirit led future.

This Thought was written by Caroline Lockerbie