Let’s Talk About………”Poverty & Wealth” – Thursday 23rd November 8pm

lets talk - general

The next in our “Let’s Talk About……’ series is all about the Christian perspective on poverty and wealth. Thursday 23rd November 8pm in the Session Room.

In today’s world where we are bombarded with information it can be difficult to find out what the Bible actually says about different issues.

Yes, it is the book that informs our faith but what does it actually say and more importantly what does it actually mean? As well as that what is the Church of Scotland’s official position on such issues?

“Let’s talk about” is a series of gatherings where we will look at what the Bible has to say on particular issues that affect us today and what the official position of the church is.

It will be a chance for people to learn and to discuss and to deepen their understanding of how the Christian faith relates to everyday life in 21st century Scotland. Among the issues being looked at are: The Church and Politics, Euthanasia, Debt, Loneliness, Death, Relationships, Heaven, Hell, Body Image, Prayer, Hope.

These gatherings will take place once a month on a date to be advertised in the bulletin and will be on Thursdays at 8 pm. Depending on numbers we will meet either at someone’s house or in a room at the church. Please sign the sheet if you intend to come along.