Life and Work – February 2016


LW_COVER_FEB16The Changing Face of Worship

Thomas Baldwin looks at the patterns of worship evolving in the Church of Scotland today.


On the Streets and Overseas

Part two of our focus on the Guild’s latest partner projects, looking at the Street Pastors and Mission International.


‘Life with Jesus is Never Dull’

Kirsty Wyllie, a Christian writer, tells Jackie Macadam about her life in the church, her career and living with cerebral palsy.


Credit Unions and the Church

Charles Sim calls on churches and members to consider credit unions as an ethical form of finance.


Church Census Day
The Rev Dr Fiona Tweedie highlights the importance of Church Census Day in Scotland.


‘Big Sing’ Success in Dunfermline

Lynne McNeil reports from the Guild’s praise event.


‘Too Important Not to Share’

The Moderator, the Rt Rev Dr Angus Morrison, offers a clarion call to mission.


Jesus and Women

Youth Moderator, Hannah Mary Goodlad, argues that Jesus was a feminist.


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