Life and Work – February

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Layout 1FEBRUARY 2017

 ‘A Movement, not a Programme’

The work of the Path of Renewal project, which is nurturing a culture of discipleship in Church of Scotland congregations.

A Spiritual Journey

Thomas Baldwin meets author and activist Alastair McIntosh.

Releasing Gifts

Jackie Macadam examines how congregations in long-term vacancy maintain their Christian witness and presence.

Keeping Watch Over Loch Awe

The Very Rev Dr Ian Bradley reflects on a beloved architectural treasure in Argyll.

A Miraculous Escape

The Very Rev Dr Andrew McLellan considers the messages drawn from the Bible accounts of Peter’s times in prison.

MSPs and the Church

Irene MacKinnon reports on the work of a pioneering project bringing together local people through their churches with Members of the Scottish Parliament.

A Critical Lifeline

The Head of Oxfam Scotland, Jamie Livingstone, offers a first hand account of the food crisis in Malawi.

The ‘New Guild’

In the second part of our focus on the Church of Scotland Guild, the changing face of the group at Arbroath: St Andrew’s comes under the spotlight.

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