Life and Work – January


LW_COVER_JAN16Breaking Taboos

The Church of Scotland Guild has partnered with Feed the Minds, a project playing a key role in tackling the taboo subject of female genital mutilation. Jackie Macadam meets a Kenyan campaigner against the practice.


A Tabloid Elder

Profile of Andrew Nicoll: Church of Scotland Elder, bestselling author and political editor of the Scottish Sun.


Fifty Years of Women Elders

The Very Rev Dr Finlay Macdonald looks back on the lengthy debate that eventually led, fifty years ago this year, to the decision to ordain women as Elders.


Two new columnists

The Moderator of the National Youth Assembly, Hannah Mary Goodlad, considers faith and science.

The Rev Alastair Duncan considers ways of opening doors to the Church.


Scots Kirk ‘Stunned’ by Paris Atrocities

How the Church of Scotland in Paris and Edinburgh reacted to the terror attacks.


Without a Script

The Rev Ewen Gilchrist describes how a chaplaincy team responded to a tragedy in an Aberdeen school.


The Healing Power of Laughter

The Very Rev Dr James Simpson reflects on the importance of humour in our lives.


A Great Ambassador for the Church

Ron Ferguson looks back on the visit of the Moderator of the General Assembly to Cowdenbeath.


Charity in Action

Reflecting on CrossReach week, the Moderator calls for increased support for the work of the social care arm of the Church.


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