Local Projects working on Climate Change and other environmental Issues


This week’s update from Granton Goes Greener

Granton Goes Greener isn’t the only local organisation working around the issue of climate change. Here are some others:

Muirhouse Community Shed officially opens on Monday 20th August at 10:00. The Shed, a Climate Challenge Fund project, is based at the old Co-op building on Pennywell Road and managed by North Edinburgh Arts. The project aims to recycle, reuse and upcycle as much wood and furniture as possible, and to inform and upskill people in North Edinburgh to be more proactive about climate change. The Shed is a safe place where people can come together to make things, mend things, learn new skills or use old ones, meet people, and have a laugh while being productive. People can either work on their own projects or support shed staff to mend/make things for local people and organisations.

If you want to learn to use some hand and or power tools then please speak to a member of staff who can organise some training. To find out opening hours please contact North Edinburgh Arts: Telephone: 0131 315 2151; Email: admin@northedinburgharts.co.uk

Granton Hub is a friendly arts and community hub where people can meet, participate, learn, create and enjoy a range of great activities, including baking, drawing, painting, printmaking and bookbinding. The Hub has a wonderful community garden which welcomes people to pop in and help work the land and is also home to Edinburgh Scrap Store where you can source upcycled craft materials.

You can find out more by emailing community@grantonhub.org.

Pilton Community Health Project just up the road has several strands of work that relate to the environment. They manage Park Life which aims to encourage people to use West Pilton Park and to make it more welcoming for nature and people alike. If you took part in their guided walk at the launch of Granton Goes Greener you’ll know about their walking group and their series of guided walks around the Hidden Gems of Edinburgh. These walks and much else are available on the website http://www.pchp.org.uk.

You can phone the project on 0131 551 1671 or email admin@pchp.org.uk

Edinburgh College Granton Campus is setting up a Sustainable Travel project, funded by the Climate Challenge Fund.

Top Tips to Save Water (most of which save energy too!)

Make sure the washing machine or dishwasher is full before using it

Taking a shower can often use less water than having a bath (it depends on the type of shower)

Don’t leave taps running while brushing your teeth, washing up, shaving etc

Fix that dripping tap!