March 18 Mark 8: 11 – 21 How much proof do you need?

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In this age of science, we all love to be sure that everything can be proven to be true and real. The people of Jesus day were no different they always wanted to be sure that Jesus was the One that God approved of. So, they challenged him to perform miracles on demand. Not to increase their faith but to trap Him. They always wanted more proof yet we have to question whether it would have changed their hearts. So how much is enough proof?

Jesus healings, teachings, miracles, control over the wind and waves, His death, his resurrection his promise of return, his presence in our lives. If this is not enough then what would be for us? or would anything be enough? Is it that we are just reluctant to change and by trapping Jesus into not performing on demand give us the excuse to remain how we are?

Today’s Thought for Lent is from Emma