March 28 Mark 11: 1 – 11 The King and I?

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With the entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem, the story enters its final phase. Normally pilgrims would have entered the city on foot and so for Jesus to enter on a donkey signalled something different.

Those familiar with the words of the prophets would have recognised the words of Zechariah foretelling a future king who would enter the city riding on a donkey. The spreading of cloaks on the road was a gesture of great respect appropriate for people such as kings – some at least had understood the significance of Jesus arrival.

Jesus arrives as a king, but a different kind of king – he has arrived on a donkey and not on a warhorse or in a chariot. And all too soon, his crown will be one of thorns and his throne will be a cross.

Do you think that this a king whom we can follow with confidence?

Today’s Thought for the Day for Lent is from Derek