March 31 Mark 12: 13 – 34 Whose side are you on?

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It was a catch-22! The Pharisees had asked Jesus a killer question: answer one way and Jesus would be publicly going on record as a tax avoiding criminal, answer another and he would be selling out as a Roman collaborator. He couldn’t win, the Pharisees thought they had Jesus trapped. But Jesus did what they didn’t expect: he didn’t pick a side. Instead he stayed loyal to God first and foremost.

In our current political climate, we are constantly forced to choose a camp: left or right, leave or remain, open borders or immigration bans, Yes Scotland or No. Thanks. Everyday there seems to be a new issue that pushes us further apart from one another.

In such a divided society, what does it mean to follow God first and foremost?

Today’s Thought for the Day for Lent is from David