March Life and Work


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Biblical Mothers

As Mothering Sunday approaches, Dr Helen Bond examines the role of mothers in the Bible, while Jackie Macadam looks back at the history of and religious roots of the day.

Ron Ferguson considers the role of Mary, mother of Jesus.


‘Mother of all the Peoples’

Lynne McNeil dips into the archives to recall the life and death of Mary Slessor, one of Scotland’s greatest missionaries, who passed away 100 years ago this year.


Reforming the Kirk

In the final part of his series, the Rev Dr Doug Gay emphasises the need for the winds of change in the Church of Scotland.


Science and the Church

Dr Andrew Torrance highlights the work of a group seeking to bridge the gap between science and faith.


‘A Beautiful Gift’

Thomas Baldwin encourages the Rev Peter Johnston to ‘Spill the Beans’ on a worship publication that is finding a growing audience.


‘We Are On the Same Team’

The Moderator calls for respect in disagreements in the Church.


Discerning God’s call

The Rev Professor David Fergusson considers the subject of vocation.


Speaking to the Heart

The Very Rev Dr James Simpson highlights some of the secrets of effective preaching.


The ‘Parliament Parish’

John R Hume unearths the history of a Hebridean church.


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