May Life and Work


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General Assembly 2016

Nine pages of previews, including Assembly reports, timetables, interview with the Moderator-Designate and looking forward to Heart and Soul


Give, Act and Pray

Marking Christian Aid week, an interview with the new Head of Christian Aid Scotland, the Rev Sally Foster-Fulton


The Hidden Christians

The author of a new book on Christians who don’t go to church tells how it came about


Circle of Care

How the local community rallied round a terminally-ill minister


The Changing Seasons

The Rev Alastair Duncan considers the message of Pentecost and the challenges of preaching the Gospel in contemporary Scotland


Jesus, Makar and Maker

Ron Ferguson reflects on the need for dreamers and poets, as well as practical people, within the Church


Scotland and the Faithful Few?

Hannah Mary Goodlad argues that there is ‘a spiritual hunger’ within Scotland


Little Failings, Big Consequences

The Very Rev Dr James Simpson highlights the dangers of convictions without courtesy


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