Member Area: Team Leader instructions

The task of counting, recording and banking weekly monies received is shared by a number of members taking turns or one month each on a rota


On arrival at Church:
Make sure that those on other rotas have turned up and know what they have to do

After Church
Stage 1
There should be 3 people plus the Treasurer in your team (the two on Offering duty and one on ‘count’)
Most folk will know what to do (2 people count the Gift Aid envelopes and enter amounts in the ledger, one counts the Freewill Offering envelopes, which don’t need counting individualy).
Team Leader needs to count the Ordinary Offering.

Stage 2
Now you need to note all income, either on PC or paper
Enter Ordinary Offering total
Enter Freewill Offering total
Enter Ordinary offering total
Enter any additional monies received by the Treasurer (David will give you all the details each Sunday)
Enter Mile of Silver total

Stage 3
Total all figures entered in stage 2 – that gives a total on income received.
Now this theoretical total needs to be reconciled with actual cash – the tricky bit!

Stage 4
Note actual cash broken down by denomination (£20, £10, £5 etc) and bag according to amounts specified on cash bags

Stage 5
Add them all together to get the total cash.
Income received should equal actual cash – if not some checking needs to be done.
Now fill in a deposit slip in the pay-in book and insert any cheques into the book.
Pop the pay in book and cheques into the front pocket of a plastic pay in wallet.
Complete details on the front of the wallet
Fill the bag with cash bags and notes
Pop the wallet into the leather bag and deposit at Bank of Scotland Goldenacre branch night safe


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