Mission Shaped Introduction course in Leith


Norman is encouraging us all to think about doing this course….read on for details…

6 weeks to reflect and re-imagine church?  Mission Shaped Intro is a short, accessible course based on the ideas and experience of Fresh Expressions and similar initiatives in Scotland; a great chance to reflect with others on being church today.  Worship, film clips, input, discussion and fun!  The course is ecumenically based and everyone is welcome.

Details on attached flyers and posters (start date Thursday 29 January, 7.30 pm, Pilrig St Paul’s Church, Leith Walk.

Contact Jennifer Stark, Leith Churches Outreach Project, outreach@leithchurchestogether.org.uk, 07528 578042, please register at latest by 26 January.



Thanks, Grace.

Jennifer Stark


Leith Churches Outreach Project


07528 578042