Sunday: the Dreamers and Visionaries


Today we are praying for the dreamers and visionaries. A long time ago John Knox dreamed of a church and a school in every parish. He dreamed of a time when even the lowliest person could read and write. Martin Luther King dreamed of a time when the colour of a person’s skin made no difference.

Across the congregations of our church there are people who dream of a church that really makes a positive impact, a church that changes lives for the better. One that connects God and people every day.

Let us pray for the dreamers. That God would give people the gift to see possibilities where others see problems. That our church would learn to listen to the dreamers who call us to see beyond the horizon.

God of past, present and future, we seek direction

for the life of our Church and for ourselves,

and remember that all concerns and anxieties

should be placed within Your hand.

Where we have heard Your voice

may we step into the future that appears

with all the uncertainties and unknowns

to be explored.

Keep our eyes open to places of need,

and our ears open to the call

to new ways of being Your people.