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New flowers in bloom and last summer harvests – Lidia’s weekly blog

lidia blog 31 august
It’s astonishing that we are so many weeks into summer now and somehow flowers do not seem to have an end.
Last week was probably the most beautiful week for our cosmos flowers – just look at them. Hollyhocks emerged too – they are so typical for Polish gardens!
Very excited to taste our first carrots, so flavourful and fresh, although I must say our soil is so compacted, it’s not an easy task to pull it out full. Most times I end up breaking it somewhere in the middle and spending another 5 minutes trying to find the missing part. Still a couple more to go – hopefully enough time to practice my patience. 
This week we had Beata, our local herbalist in the garden – and her stories and fun facts were incredibly interesting as always – for instance it turned out that Borage flowers really taste like a cucumber – which in Polish we call Ogórecznik (‘Ogórek’ is a word for cucumber so it’s closely related linguistically). 
This past week our Greengrocer’s Stall saw so much interest I almost had no time to see the time passing. Full of lovely interactions and people who then choose to go and reconnect in the garden. Another dose of people immensely grateful for what we offer, how not to like it! There was even a lady so interested in my books, which were only there for decorative purposes – she asked for a price for them 🙂 Sadly, they were not for sale, but I was happy I could recommend a really decent piece of herbal reading. 
When I had a few minutes of a lonely wait, I felt inspired and decided to have a more creative take on photographing our flowers. Later in the evening I also finally managed to photograph our garden, which I was planning to do for many weeks now. I think it looks way more magical and mysterious asleep, like that. 

Our herbal bed is also very abundant at this time – just look at this diversity! What we have here is mint, thai basil, oregano, parsley and lovage. Of which lovage is the most surprising as it only was sown as a dried seed from previous year dried seeds (Someone has brought it to our spring plant swap). So happy to see it growing. 

And see you this week for our last session at the bus stop greengrocer’s stall – this Wednesday at 1:30pm-3pm, and Thursday for the gardening 11am.