New Heating System being installed this week

Now you see it (it's been there since 1937!)

The heating contractors are due to install the new heating system starting this Monday.

They have indicated that the work will last for 4 weeks and that access to areas off the main corridor (creche, vestry, session room, accessible toilet, Sanctaury and East Hall) will be restricted during the day for the first week – Monday 12th – Friday 16th August.

Access is expected to be restored in time for evening and weekend activities.

  • Notes:
    Use of the West Hall and Kitchen should be unaffected, although there may be some restriction in getting to the stage for fridges, freezers and storage.
  • The Creche will be out of use for the duration of the work
  • According to the diary, Magic Carpet is the only group affected by the restriction in access to the East Hall
  • The kitchen will be out of use for one day towards the end of the contract – this will be arranged for a day where kitchen use is minimal.
  • There will be no access to the Accessible toilet during the day 12-16 August

Although access to the East Hall, Church, Stage, Vestry and Session Room is expected to be OK in the evenings, group leaders will need ensure that everyone in their group is aware of the work and ask them to take care.

All groups and hall users should have received an email from Chas – with his Hall Convener hat on.