New Lives for new Granton Residents – in 1939

new lives 2

This archive film recently came to light in the National Libary of Scotland’s Screen Archives.

It was shot in 1939 and shows the experiences of a fictional family, the McAllisters, in their move from the city slums to a new housing scheme in Granton.

Their new home has attractions which tend to soften the blow of being uprooted from the little world they have left behind. Family walk around their new home (0.30) The men begin to unload the cart (0.43) But with nothing to do, nowhere to go and no friends, boredom soon makes life a misery. Son wonders about on pavement outside home. Stops outside Granton Parish church at Wardieburn Drive and reads poster for opening of new church hall.

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At home letter is received inviting family to attend the social event to open the new hall and to discuss ways of improving social amenities in the new district. Father and son resist Mrs. McAllister’s encouragement to go (2.32) But Ma McAllister has a way with her!!! Family get dressed and make way to church hall. gvs social gathering, hosted by the parish minister who outlines some of the activities organised by the church (5.26) and in less than a month the “Sewing Bee” is in full swing. Mrs McAllister joins the sewing group (6.10)

The help given to the young folks means a lot to Jimmy McAllister. Jimmy in the wood-working workshop (6.41) But keenest of them all is old Jimmy in his garden gvs same, talking to neighbour. (7.20) Young Jimmy gets letter offering a job (8.0) Shots of the McAllisters in church (8.40) The erection of Church buildings must go on even in troublous times, and we count on your contributions to meet all our present responsibilities. Do not let us fail our people who seek the help of the Church in the new areas The End (9.03)