New Session Clerk


1900x550 lindaEight years ago, Linda Young took on the role of Session Clerk for 3 years.  Her ‘three years’ are now up and she is ready to hand over the office to her successor.

dan-docwraWe are delighted to announce that Dan Docwra will be our new Session Clerk. The transition from Linda to Dan will take effect from the service on Sunday 5th February when Dan takes the Session Clerk’s Oath.

We welcome Dan to his new role and assure him of our support and help during his time as Session Clerk.

We also want to thank Linda for the way that she has filled the role over the last 8 years, with enthusiasm and energy. Linda is not dropping off the church stage! She will now be spending more time developing the role of the Nurture Group in Church.

There will be a chance to mark this occasion on SUNDAY 5TH during the service and afterwards for a light sandwich lunch in the coffee area.