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No ‘Only’ people in Church

2024-03-29 12.03.21

Read 1 Corinthians 12:14,16-17

I love Paul’s sense of humour! He imagines a conversation going on within the body that is plainly ridiculous. It would be crazy if the ear were to complain that it wasn’t a proper part of the body because it wasn’t an eye. But, funny as it is, Paul is making a very serious point. He is talking about inferiority complexes – and they get everywhere.

Many people in churches look down on themselves. Some think they don’t count because they’re not an Elder, or because they’re a newcomer or because they can’t offer much financially. Paul wants to make it clear that, so far as God is concerned, there are no “only” people in the Church. Every single person is vital.

This reflection is by Stuart Mitchell

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