Not your usual Burns Supper – at the Community Centre

com ctr burns 2

Disappointed by the cancellation of the church Burns Night? Well, there’s good news. There is still a chance to attend one on 2nd February. Anna, our Climate Change Officer, is helping to organise a  Burns Night Ceilidh.

It will not be 100% traditional Burns Night as there will be some acts and performers from other cultures representing our diverse community. We will have children from school reciting poems, teenagers from Tinderbox performing and a mother and daughter from Nepal doing traditional dance.

There will be buffet with haggis as well as piper and ceilidh band. See the poster for more information. Tickets are only £2 and can be bought from the community centre (should be on sale on Friday or the latest Monday). You are advised to buy them ASAP as they get sold out really quickly!

If there is anyone that would like to help with peeling vegetables on the day ( from 1-3 PM) or helping with food service and clearing later on, please speak to Anna (or email

Anna may have tickets on sale on Sunday.