November Life and Work


LW_COVER_NOV15Letters from the Front

In the month of Remembrance we look back at the letters sent by Church of Scotland chaplains to Life and Work during the First World War.

Ministers of the Future

An introduction to three people studying for the ministry, whose progress we will be following in the coming year.

A Global Challenge

Adrian Shaw, the Church of Scotland’s climate change officer, looks ahead to the Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Bold and Strong

Lynne McNeil reports from the Annual Gathering of the Church of Scotland Guild

‘I Pray That They Find Peace’

The Rev Aaron Stevens, minister of St Columba’s Church of Scotland in Budapest, gives a powerful account of this summer’s refugee crisis in the Hungarian capital and his church’s efforts to help.

Comfort and Trouble

The Rev Dr Martin Fair considers the uncomfortable messages of James about hoarding wealth.

A Recovery of Joy

The Moderator highlights why the challenges facing today’s Church present a new opportunity for mission.

A Thin Place

The roots of a 25-year pilgrimage to Assisi, led by a Church of Scotland Minister

A Starting Point for Mission

A memorial garden created by an Edinburgh church on the banks of the Union Canal.


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