October Life and Work


LW_COVER_OCT15The Son of the Manse Inventor of Television

Jackie Macadam discovers the religious roots of John Logie Baird, through the eyes of his son.


Tomorrow’s Calling

A look at the drive to recruit the ministers of the future, with a special focus on the various ministries of the Church of Scotland.


NYA 2015

Jackie Macadam reports from the National Youth Assembly.


Scotland’s Cradle of Christianity

Ian Bradley highlights the distinctive spiritual atmosphere of Argyll.


The Cost of Faith

The Moderator considers the price of being a Christian in some parts of the world today.


God Has the Last Word

The Rev Dr Martin Fair reflects on the challenges laid down to Christians by the Epistle of James.


Childish or childlike?

The Very Rev Dr James Simpson highlights the virtue of child-likeness


A ‘Vibrant and Active’ Church

John R Hume finds a town steeped in history in North Lanarkshire


A Dog’s Life

As Ron Ferguson takes a break, his pet collie Mansie steps in…


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