Our Health Check – a good result!

action plan

Every 5 years Granton has its tenure reviewed. This is like a health check from the Presbytery every 5 years.

We are pleased to inform the congregation we passed our recent one, though as always there are areas we are intending to work on.

On Sunday 19th June we will be joined by Hazel Hastie and Gary Winnie who are representing the Presbytery and will present to the Congregation the results of the review.

This has already been to the Kirk Session who accepted it unanimously.

Presbytery agreed that we shall continue on a Basis of Reviewable Charge, with Rev Norman Smith remaining as minister. As is normal, Presbytery will review our position in 5 years time, when they will look at how we are getting on with our action plan.

  • action planContinue to exhibit the five purposes of the church – worship, service, discipleship, fellowship and evangelism, keeping them in healthy balance;
  • Develop greater variety in worship, especially in music;
  • Increase involvement of congregational members in worship;
  • Increase the number of people trained in personal evangelism;
  • Use alternatives to the Alpha course;
  • Refurbish the building to help with outreach to the community;
  • Adapt online access to the church website according to mobile technology advancements.






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