Pilton Equalities Project – Neighbourhood Group


PEP Neighbourhood Group

There is more information about this group, and other information from the Pilton Equalities Project, at the back of the church

The PEP Neighbourhood Group is a day care service for adults with enduring mental health issues and/or learning disabilities in the North West and East Edinburgh area.

  • The service is supported by Mandy, our  trained community mental health worker, who also provides members with regular 1 to 1 support as necessary.

Our aim is to provide a friendly and safe environment, promote independence and life skills for older people and other vulnerable adults.

  • We also aim to increase confidence & reduce isolation
  • Increase socialisation skills through constructive group – work

Our activities include gardening, healthy eating, art, walking, swimming, fitness classes and other recreational activities. The group members are also actively involved in our various fund raising activities.

The Group runs Tuesday to Friday at the PEP centre.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are open to all individuals with mental health issues.

Wednesdays are open to younger individuals

Fridays are open to individuals aged 60+ (pick up service also available).

Each member contributes £4.00 per day which pays for transport, activities, tutors, materials, teas, coffees and lunch.


To refer to this service please email Mandy at


Read more about PEP on their website