Plastic Free July


Climate Change isn’t the only environmental issue. Plastics have recently dominated the headlines largely due to the success of the Blue Planet television programme. 

Plastic waste is a huge issue, causing widespread pollution and killing sea animals that mistake plastic as food. But we can all do something about this! 

Plastic Free July is encouraging people to pledge to reduce their use of plastics for July (and hopefully beyond). You can find out more at and if you’re not able to sign up online you can still pledge privately to reduce your plastic use! Here are just a few ideas:

• When you’re on the go use a reusable stainless-steel bottle for water instead of buying bottled water
• If you buy takeaway coffee, invest in a reusable cup (most cafes now give you a discount for using your own cup!)
• Use a reusable fabric carrier bag instead of throwaway plastic carriers
• Use loose tea rather than tea bags (most tea bags include plastic!)


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