“Polite friendly guys” at Fresh Start!

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Comments from HS feedback form: ‘Polite friendly Guys that did a brilliant job on painting my first home. FS have been brilliant, helpful &resourceful. Really helpful supplying things to help me get started on my feet.’

John (not real name) moved into his first tenancy in early January this year. He became homeless one year prior to this after a family dispute.  This led to him presenting himself homeless at the Council and the allocation of a hostel in a rough suburb of Edinburgh. He found this experience quite ‘unsettling’ and it led to periods of what he describes as ‘ups and downs’ in his mental wellbeing (he suffers from schizophrenia).

He also found the initial stages of moving into his new flat quite challenging.  As he is living on benefits for ill health he had no money to furnish his property.  He was able to access state funds for some furniture but still lacked many of the items one needs to make a home.  In February we received a referral for our Hit Squad Service, which led to John working alongside two of our volunteers and decorating two of his rooms.  We were also able to help John with the provision of a number of our starter packs, including pots and pans, towels, cleaning items, lamps and a vacuum. In addition, unusually,  we had received some beautiful new couches from CALA Homes enabling us to provide him  with a three piece suite.

John was very grateful for the help that he received from Fresh Start commenting that the assistance that he received ‘definitely’ made the transition of moving into his first home ‘go a lot smoother’.

Appeals:  We are in particular need of small lamps, plates, kitchen utensils and t-towels.

Thank you for your ongoing and continued support.

Mark Robertson

Volunteer Coordinator
Fresh Start
22-24 Ferry Road Drive
Edinburgh EH4 4BR
0131 476 7741



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