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Prayer Diary

Christians pray, you can not sustain a relationship without  prayer. Many people struggle to pray so these suggestions are given to help you pray for a range of activities within Granton and in the world beyond. They constitute part of a 4 week rolling program of pointers for prayer.


Across the country congregations are engaged with their local communities in living out what it means to be Christians today. The Mission and Discipleship Council aim to support congregations in this task. Pray they will connect with congregations and help     people to be more effective in sharing their faith.


Each year  people gather in May as the     General Assembly where policy decisions are made. Pray those who attend would be guided by the spirit of God to be true to our Christian calling an increasingly secular world.


The Church of Scotland’s Social Care Council runs a number of care homes across the country as well as being involved in counselling and addiction   recovery. Remember those who care for   others as well as those cared for. Pray for those who are fighting       addictions, that God would free them from the prison they find themselves in.


The Ministries Council of the CofS has responsibility to provide a range of ministries across the whole nation. From the furthest rural to the most inner city they seek to make sure ministry is provided. Ask God to help them as they seek to make ever decreasing resources spread ever farther


For over 100 years The Guild has been actively supporting women across the nation. Remember all those in Guilds across the country as they seek to live authentic Christian lives.


Our denomination has a proud     history of overseas mission our church has    always been involved in helping communities as well as supporting the growth of overseas churches. Pray for all our missionaries today, in whatever country they find themselves.


On this day give thanks for all who worship God but most of all give thanks to God for sending his son. If it were not for the love of God none of our           congregations would be here.