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Prayer Diary

Christians pray, you can not sustain a relationship without  prayer. Many people struggle to pray so these suggestions are given to help you pray for a range of activities within      Granton and in the world beyond. They constitute part of a 4 week rolling program of pointers for prayer.


Granton and Wardie Primary Schools; give thanks for our teachers and all the pupils who attend. Pray God will be with them all in the future.  Remember all teachers as they seek to help pupils be the best they can be.


Crèche, Magic Carpet, Patch and Kirk4Kids; both leaders and families as they seek to find ways of making the gospel relevant to all ages; our youth, that God would be with them.


Brownies, Rainbows, Scouts and Boys’ Brigade; pray for the kids but especially for the leaders, that they will be good role models.


Local businesses and community groups; Ask God to bless those who work in our    community, that he would help them to improve the lives of    people here.


Local Police, Doctors,   Nurses, Ambulance and others   without whose dedication many   people would struggle. Pray for God’s help to be with them all but especially Christians amongst them.


Broughton High School and Trinity Academy. Bring all the staff and pupils before God that he might remember them s they seek to inspire our youth to find their place in life.

Sunday Give thanks for all who worship God. Ask for the confidence to bring others with us so they may find a friend in God as we have done.



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