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Prayer Diary

Christians pray, you can not sustain a relationship without  prayer. Many people struggle to pray so these suggestions are given to help you pray for a range of activities within Granton and in the world beyond. They constitute part of a 4 week rolling program of pointers for prayer.

Monday Many times the Bible refers to the body of believers as a family with God as the head of our family and Jesus as a   brother. We give thanks for the way the church nurtures all within it and pray for God’s help to be given to all those involved in pastoral/nurture ministries. Remember our own Nurture Group as it seeks to help us care for each other.

Tuesday Alongside caring for each other sits sharing the Good News. The Gospel is good news to the poor that they might   believe. This story has been told from one generation to the next and we are tasked with passing it on. Think about the work of outreach within our own congregation and give thanks to all involved in it.

Wednesday Keeping the buildings in good order and paying our way and two things requiring constant attention and it is only right we care for God’s house in the same way we care for our own and that we give back to God from the many blessings he gives us. Pray for all who are involved with    Fabric and        Finance within our congregation.

Thursday How we communicate the    message is immensely important. Pray that we would be effective at communicating the good news. Pray for all those who seek to    communicate the Christian message. Pray for our own communications group.

Friday The social aspects of a church are important. Sharing the time of day with other people over a cup of tea or coffee can help people feel they belong. We give thanks for all the opportunities we have to meet each other socially and especially the Social Group as they seek to strengthen our relationships with each other.

Saturday Jobs such as cleaner,   beadle, sound desk, floor buffer all help to make Granton special. Pray for everyone who works in the background and give thanks for a willingness to give time unseen.

Sunday Without those who welcome you or open up or do the tea/coffee or volunteer in a myriad other ways your church would not     function. This week we have been remembering some of them in prayer and today we ask God to bless all the           volunteers who help out.