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Prayer Diary

Christians pray, you can not sustain a relationship without  prayer. Many people struggle to pray so these suggestions are given to help you pray for a range of activities within Granton and in the world beyond. They        constitute part of a 4 week rolling program of pointers for prayer.

Monday Remember to pray for our sister churches in Granton: St David’s Episcopal, St Margaret Mary’s R.C., Granton Baptist, The Salvation Army, Granton United/Methodist and the 7th Day Adventist Church. Ask for God’s help as we work together.

Tuesday The men’s club offers a place where gentlemen of the          congregation can socialise together over a game of bowls. In the same vein the Ladies     Fellowship looks after many ladies from within the community. We ask God to look after them all.

Wednesday The Lunch Club       guarantees a good meal and is part of the Christian service we offer to the      community. Pray for all involved with it. In the wider community pray for Bethany and Fresh Start without whose help so many people would have      nowhere to stay and go hungry. Pray God to bless these works and to motivate more people to help others less well off.

Thursday We remember and pray for those who seek ways of communicating the faith in ways relevant to today. Alpha and Christianity Explored are two courses that have helped tens of thousands to encounter faith in a way they can relate to. We pray for all those involved in delivering these courses as well as those attending.

Friday It is good to pray for our brothers and sisters across this world. There are countries where Christians cannot worship openly and are persecuted for their  beliefs. Pray for our family who long for the freedom to worship which we all     enjoy.

Saturday The many coffee mornings we hold in the church are a great place to foster relationships with each other. Whether it is the regular Kirsty’s on a    Thursday morning or the occasional ones held on   Saturdays, pray for all    involved with them.

Sunday A chance to gather again in    worship. Pray for those unable to join with their local     congregations.