Queen Margaret University’s Christian Union

We have been asked to pray for the students and staff of Queen Margaret University Christian Union, so here is their first prayer request email to us……



We are Queen Margaret University’s Christian Union. We are a mission team on campus of roughly 20 members. Our mission is to spread the news of Jesus and give every student on campus an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is done through different means, including, but not limited to talks and seminars on Monday evenings, fortnightly prayer meetings, and evangelistic outreach events throughout the year.


In the last 5 days of August a few of us from QMU CU were at UCCFs Forum down in the Qunita Center, Oswestry. We all had a great time sharing tents, cooking together and seeing some crazy dance moves at the ceilidh and the silent disco! But as well as bonding more as a mission team we had some amazing teaching. Our mornings started with Niv Lobo going through 2 Peter with us, teaching us how we can apply this to our lives. There were many other seminars: from issues we are facing in uni, subject related seminars and just some really good teaching about sharing our faith at university and mission in general and how that relates to everyday life. So give thanks for the fruitful time we had and that we can put what we learnt into practice.

Give thanks that we were kept safe whilst camping and travelling. And give thanks for all the new staff workers and relay workers who met the CU’s they’ll be supporting, especially for Amy Conway who will be working with QMU and Napier CU’s as the new staff worker.



Pray that Amy can settle into her new role as staff worker.  In the next few days we as a CU committee will be putting together the final touches to our Freshers Week planning. It all kicks off today, on Friday 6th September as people start to move in. Today and tomorrow as people are moving in we will be outside the university union with refreshments, welcoming the new freshers. We pray that we would be welcoming and a good example of Christian hospitality.

Freshers week properly starts off on the 9th.  We have: a chilled out café bar in the afternoon where people can meet each other and start to build up relationships. There is also a Beach BBQ on the Tuesday starting late afternoon going into the evening. Then on Friday we have a grub crawl. Pray that freshers: Christian and non-Christians would come along, build up relationships and see what The Christrian Union is really about, and would be interested in God’s mission. At the end of the first official week that classes start, we have a freshers banquet at St Columba’s Free church. This is where we hope people can start asking questions.

Whilst these freshers events are on we are running a church search on the Sundays of September. This kicks off this Sunday (8th) with St Columbas in the morning and Carrubers in the evening. From there we have 15th– Chalmers & Central, 22nd– Charlotte Chapel & Bruntsfield, 29th– Kings & Musselburgh Baptist.

As well as this we have our first main meeting for CU on the 16th September.

As you can see, September is going to be a very busy month and we ask for your prayers for the new freshers, the logistics for all the events but also for us as a CU who are organising these events, that we wouldn’t get too exhausted, worn-out or frustrated when something doesn’t go to plan.  Most importantly, pray that we would remember that everything we are doing comes from the Lord and we are seeking to do it in His strength.

We are asking you to pray for our mission team and our mission. We want to remember  that we fully rely on God for everything and to be constantly giving thanks as He is the one who has given us opportunities, resources and people. So we just ask you join us in thanking God for what he’s done already and pray for what God has planned in the future and that He can use us and all our events for His purpose.