Mary’s Meals – anyone for an update


John Helliwell, Mary’s Meals Volunteer, offers an update……

Marys_MealsDear all,

It is 5 years since I came to speak to the congregation about Mary’s Meals. A lot has happened in that time.

Would your congregation or any other groups within the church like to hear more of the amazing story of how Mary’s Meals feeds well over a million children every day at school in 12 countries throughout the world?

A simple meal, costing an average of just £12.20 for a whole school year, encourages children to go to school rather than spending the day searching for something to eat. School rolls increase dramatically when food is provided and the children are able to concentrate on their lessons. For the first time many children in countries like Malawi, Kenya, Liberia and Haiti can stop worrying about where their next meal is coming from and can look forward to a better future.

Mary’s Meals works with local volunteers who cook the food we provide. We rely on volunteers in this country too and this allows us to pledge that at least 93p in every pound donated will always be used on the projects overseas. We never pay for advertising. Instead volunteer speakers are our advertisements as they talk about Mary’s Meals and we hope the people who hear us will tell others too.

I am contacting you now thinking that this is about the time people start planning their programmes for speakers for the autumn, but I will be very happy to come to talk, or to arrange for another speaker to come, at any suitable time.

Kind regards

John Helliwell

Mary’s Meals Volunteer
01506 844498




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