Safe Families for Children


We were delighted to have Alan Gray along at church last Sunday to talk about Safe Families for Children. Alan is Church Volunteer Co-ordinator for the charity, which works alongside Bethany Christian Trust

Volunteering to host a child occasionally is something that we would commend to members of the congregation, and indeed a few people have already signed up for more information.

There is a training day that is open to everyone on Saturday 24th June at Livingston.

Read all about Safe Families for Children on their website at

Contact Alan at or telephone him on 07969 173 803

Safe Families for Children (Safe Families) works hand-in-hand with children’s services to link families in need with local volunteers who can offer them help and support.

When a crisis strikes a family with children, its effects can be devastating. Many of us would turn to relatives and friends for support but some families can be really isolated with nobody there to help them. Stabilising families before they reach a breaking point is key to reducing the number of children who need to go into care. Safe Families has been privileged to help over 3000 children since it was launched in the UK in 2013.

Volunteering can change a life

Safe Families provides Family Friends, Host Families and Resource Friends to help while parents get back on their feet. Meet our families and volunteers. Please visit our join us page to discover the many ways that you could personally make a difference to a family in crisis.