Saturday: Today we will pray for the decision makers.


From Congregation to General Assembly there are thousands of volunteers who freely give their time and energy to lead God’s people. It is no easy thing trying to find what God wants to happen in any given situation and we should remember all those who have to make these decisions. Pray for discernment that they might see God’s will, pray for courage to see through what can be hard decisions and pray for wisdom that they might be sensitive in how they exercise their leadership.

God of past, present and future, we seek direction

for the life of our Church and for ourselves,

and remember that all concerns and anxieties

should be placed within Your hand.

Where we have heard Your voice

may we step into the future that appears

with all the uncertainties and unknowns

to be explored.

Keep our eyes open to places of need,

and our ears open to the call

to new ways of being Your people.